"Oscar the Owl"

About Us

Scott and Tracey have a history in marine conservation and animal welfare. Prior to starting Oxford Bird Rescue back in 2012 they were heavily involved in the running of Pete Bethune’s Earthrace Conservation Organisation and when they brought their rural property in Oxford they saw an opportunity to continue their passion for wildlife at the grassroots level.

Oxford Bird Rescue Volunteers

Since starting the bird rescue they have been developing the property to suit their bird rescue work, it is an ongoing process with clear vision on what they want to achieve creating specific areas and aviaries to suit the different species of raptors they work with. In 2022 Scott was diagnosed with Motor Neurones Disease which made it impossible to continue operating as it was and after initially closing down in September 2022 OBR reopened taking in owls only.

Being a small, husband and wife team operating around Scott's health issues there is not always the ability to collect birds in every instance so they do rely on people to bring birds to the shelter at times. Raptors can be a daunting bird to handle so Scott and Tracey are happy to offer advice on how to safely retrieve an injured bird should you come across one. Over the years they have built up a good network of contacts in the wider bird rescue community and are happy to assist in finding the right person or organisation depending on the situation and species.